At Cowgirl Relics, we love collaborating with other brands, businesses, wholesale vendors, western fashion bloggers, and brand influencers to create unique western jewelry and provide end-line customers with exclusive deals,  quality, custom products, and tons of western style inspiration.  We aren't afraid to think outside the box when it comes to designing and creating pieces that will be a home run hit with customers, whoever they might be.  It is our hope that you will check out the businesses and ladies listed below, follow their journeys, and give them the same heartfelt support you show us.   After all, we're all in this together.  Check out some of our friends---->


THE MOUNTED SHOOTER---Courtney Johnson, Western Influencer & Mounted Shooting Competitor

Photo courtesy of Caliche Road Creative


@HASTAGRANCHLIFE---Kirsten Robinson, Western Influencer

We love Kirsten's style and authentic ranch lifestyle.  So, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with her on a special project.  We sent her some of our fab vintage blazers and Kirsten worked with Erica Mannix of Western Rising Leather Co to add her beautiful leather work to the lapels and pockets of the blazers, complete with Kirsten's own personal brand.  We love Kirsten's creativity and how she loves to connect brands and makers together for a winning combination for all involved.  Keep scrolling down to check out Western Rising Leather Co and learn how to connect with Erica to commission your own custom leather work accents for your Cowgirl Relics blazers!

Photo courtesy of The Morgan Lee Photography


Western Rising Leather Co---Erica Mannix

Erica specializes in INCREDIBLE hand crafted and custom leatherwork.  Thanks to Kirsten at @hashtagranchlife we were able to collaborate with Erica on beautiful leather accents, made to Kirsten's specifications, for a couple of our vintage blazers.  The end results are creating waves in the western fashion world.  If you are itching to customize your own blazer, email Erica at or contact her via Instagram for all the details.

Photo courtesy of The Morgan Lee Photography



RODS REELS & HEELS---Women's fly fishing swag and more.  We have teamed up with Brenna from Rods, Reels, & Heels to bring you a rad fly fishing themed jewelry line that includes leather cuffs, copper bangles, necklaces, earrings and our NEW trout ring!  All these items and much more are available EXCLUSIVELY at
Rods, Reels, and Heels {click link to shop}
Fly fishing jewelry fish outdoor women fly fishing rods reels and heels
The newest Rods Reels & Heels fly fishing jewelry collection from Cowgirl Relics.
Fly fishing jewelry rods reels and heels fish women's fly fishing
Rods Reels and Heels Fly Fishing Trout Jewelry Ring
WEST DESPERADO---Shaley Ham, Western Fashion Blogger
Shaley hails from E. Washington, just down the road from us here at Cowgirl Relics.  So, it was a no-brainer when we had the chance to work with this gorgeous, talented gal.  Her Instagram tagline reads, "Eclectic Western Fashion Outlaw" about right up our alley. ;)  Here's where you can check her out--->