Caring For Your Cowgirl Relics Jewelry:

To ensure your Cowgirl Relics jewelry and accessories last a very long time, here are some tips we recommend for their care.  Beaded necklaces should be stored laying flat. Hanging your necklaces, in particular, puts undue tension on the wire and components used to create your special piece. Over time, this stress can cause the wire to fray or even break. Storing jewelry laying flat or in a hanging jewelry pouch will keep the components free from added stress and beautiful for years to come.

While our leather cuffs are typically very durable and are made to last with quality components, we have a few recommendations to help maintain that quality and durability.  We do not recommend repeatedly getting them wet.  The soaking and drying process from being submerged in water or from prolonged exposure to wet conditions can damage the leather.  We recommend storing your cuffs in the rounded shape (either snapped or unsnapped) in which they arrive.  Avoid constant bending/flattening/re-shaping of the metal plates on your cuff.  This action can cause "metal harding" and can eventually make the metal brittle.  

To clean your jewelry, simply wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess dirt, grime, dust or to remove excess tarnish of your stamped metal pieces. You can also use a professional polishing cloth and/or jewelry polish, as needed to remove heavier tarnish or for a deeper cleaning.


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