Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cowgirl Relics Wholesale Vendor.  Please review the information below and apply to become a vendor by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


As of 3/17/17 you will not be able to see wholesale pricing for each item in the wholesale catalog due to how Shopify is set up.  Please note that all items in the wholesale catalog are 50% of retail price.  You will need to use your wholesale coupon code in order to receive wholesale pricing.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.




Cowgirl Relics Wholesale Policies:

*A copy of your current, valid reseller permit must be on file with Cowgirl Relics prior to your account being approved and/or activated and before any purchase can be completed.

*Currently we will be giving more preference to boutiques/vendors with a storefront (brick & mortar) presence.  While we will be accepting a limited number of website-only and traveling/tradeshow vendors, we will be doing so on a case-by-case basis.  We will give preference to vendors whose branding, etc. is truly representative of the Cowgirl Relics image, overall style and customer base/market.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US WITH DETAILS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS (INCLUDING PHOTOS) IF YOU ONLY SELL ONLINE, AT SHOWS, OR VIA SOCIAL MEDIA....THIS WILL HELP SPEED UP YOUR APPLICATION AND REVIEW PROCESS.


Minimum Order Requirements: 

$200 minimum opening order requirement; $100 minimum re-order requirement (order SUBTOTAL before shipping and after application of the wholesale coupon code must be equal to or greater than the order minimum requirements)

We WILL NOT begin processing your order until the order minimum has been met and your order is complete.  This includes orders for custom items and/or orders placed directly on the website.

Add-On Order Policy:

We realize that there are times when you might have recently placed an order on our website and then a new item is released that you would love to get your hands on.  You can "add-on" or purchase those items without having to meet the minimum re-order amount and we will refund any shipping overages.  Our new policy regarding this issue is as follows:

As long as you have met the $100 re-order minimum within the 30 days prior to the date you place your additional order, you can purchase any items from the website without having to meet the re-order minimum. 

It is my hope that this will simplify and ease your shopping experience at www.cowgirlrelics.com and help you get those new items that you would like to add to your inventory.  If you have any questions regarding this new policy, please do not hesitate to email us.  I would also greatly appreciate it, if when you place your add-on order, you just include a note at checkout stating it is an "add-on order".

Zip Code Protection:

-Zip code protection is automatically granted to all wholesale vendors based on the zip code of your boutique's physical location along with availability and fulfillment of the following purchase criteria and requirements.  This option is only available to customers who have a store front and purchase a minimum of $150 per quarter.  If this minimum is not met, the wholesale account will remain active, but zip code protection will automatically be revoked and other businesses within your zip code will be eligible to purchase Cowgirl Relics jewelry.  We will notify you via email if you are in danger of losing your zip code protection and give you a 1 week grace period to meet the minimum quarterly purchase requirement before we activate any other accounts in your area.  Zip code protection is not available for businesses who primarily retail online, on-the-road (fairs and other events), or at trade shows, though we do always take proximity into account when accepting or declining potential new wholesale accounts.  Email us with any questions or concerns regarding this policy.


-Larger wholesale orders may occasionally be sent to you in separate shipments so that you can begin selling your Cowgirl Relics jewelry and apparel as soon as possible.  We do not charge extra shipping in these cases.  Any items to be sent in a separate shipment, will be noted as such on your packing list/receipt along with an estimated ship date.  Larger orders may take up to 2 weeks for processing as each of our items is completely made by hand.

-All orders placed on the website will be charged payment immediately.

-You must use your wholesale coupon code to receive wholesale pricing.  Pricing will not be automatically visible on the new Shopify website, so please note that you should shop via the "wholesale catalog" link.  All items available in the wholesale catalog are subject to the wholesale pricing discount.  Items outside the catalog are not.

-Custom Orders--We welcome custom order requests from our vendors so long as the order meets the minimum requirement or is in conjunction with another order that meets the order requirements.  Please contact us directly to place your custom orders.

-Order Processing--Wholesale orders are typically processed and shipped USPS Priority Mail within 5-10 business days, depending on the size of the order.  Larger orders may take up to 10-14 business days, but you will be notified if your order requires additional processing time.  Please keep in mind, that Cowgirl Relics is typically a one-woman show without full-time employees AND each of our items is carefully made by hand with attention to detail.  Therefore, we typically cannot ship wholesale orders within just a couple of days.  If you have any questions or concerns about order processing time, please feel free to contact us.

-All opening orders placed within 2 weeks of account activation will qualify for free shipping via refund.  This offer is valid for US vendors only.  International vendors can qualify for 1/2 off shipping.


 -Minimum retail pricing must be no less than double the wholesale cost.  Failure to follow pricing policy may result in immediate deactivation of wholesale account.


-Copyright on all original designs and photographs is retained by Cowgirl Relics.  Please request permission to use product and model photos prior to use on your website or for other marketing purposes.

-All orders placed using PayPal as the payment method will be charged payment immediately; all credit card orders will be charged payment as soon as your order begins processing.



-Please note that Cowgirl Relics will not ship international orders as "gifts", so you will be responsible for any and all customs tariffs and fees incurred as a result of your purchase/shipment of order.  PayPal orders will be charged payment immediately; all credit card orders will use your credit card to hold your order, but you will receive a PayPal invoice when your order begins processing.  All PayPal invoices are due immediately upon receipt.

 Order Placement Issues: 

-If you attempt to place an order on our site but cannot get it to go through, it is usually due to an issue with payment method or info.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can always send you a PayPal invoice for the items you want to purchase...just send us a screen shot of your cart and we will be sure to get your order taken care of as soon possible.  You can also re-attempt your order on the site using a different payment method. 

Privacy Notice and Account Information:  Please note that we NEVER share or sell your business or personal information with anyone.  We do have access to your user name (email address) and password information, so if, at any time, you need to modify or update your account information, you can do so by logging onto your Shopify account on our website.


Applying to become a Cowgirl Relics vendor is easy!  Follow the steps below:

1. Email a copy of your current, valid state reseller permit.  The permit # or tax ID# must be visible and legible.

2. Fill out the wholesale application found at the link below.  If you do not have a website URL to list in that section of the application, please list your Facebook page URL or other pertinent social media URL. (We would love to follow you on all your social media outlets and support you and your business!!)  If you do not have a business Facebook page or other URL, you can list our URL: www.cowgirlrelics.com.

3. Once all of your information is received and verified; and if you meet all customer requirements and zip code protection policies, your account will be activated.  You will then receive an email notifying you of your account activation and your wholesale coupon code. 

**Be sure to add our email address to your list of approved senders so that your account activation email and other important email notifications do not get sent to your junk inbox.**

*Please also note that upon completion of our wholesale application, your email address will automatically be added to our Wholesale E-Mail Newsletter*

We currently do not process wholesale applications on a daily basis.  We typically try to assess applicants 1-2 times per week.  Look for an email from us either requesting additional information OR approving your account and requesting your reseller permit.  Check your junk mail, as these emails frequently end up there instead of your inbox.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

 Our wholesale area is only available to registered wholesale vendors. Would you like to wholesale our products? Apply to become a vendor and we will send you information shortly if you are approved.

By completing the wholesale application at the link below, you acknowledge you have read, in their entirety, understand, and agree to all the above Cowgirl Relics wholesale policies.  If you have questions or concerns about any of our policies, please contact us prior to completing your application.